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TPU Material Mobile Phone Case
Dec 05, 2018

TPU material mobile phone case

Water jacket, ie TPU shell, ie Thermoplastic Urethane

The water jacket is not a concept innovation. It is a combination of a crystal shell and a silicone sleeve. It belongs to a kind of soft and hard mobile phone case made of transparent silica gel, and because it is as transparent as a crystal shell, it is named as clear water.

The drawback of the silicone sleeve is that the use time is long, the sleeve and the body are inevitably "like glue-like paint", sometimes it is necessary to let the mobile phone "fly out of the cage" to breathe; the crystal shell is easy to collapse due to the texture is brittle and hard, which may lead to frequent replacement. . The water jacket is not easy to loose, and the size is suitable. It can be said that it has the advantages of both the silicone sleeve and the crystal shell. At the same time, for the appearance, the back of the water jacket is usually printed with a delicate pattern, no longer like a silicone sleeve and crystal. The shell is as dull as the color. It is currently a relatively perfect protection product.

Finally, it is still an old saying, cheap and no good goods, buy carefully.

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