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The Era Of AR Gun Has Come
Jan 26, 2018

The era of AR Gun has come

    Gobay started AR project in October,2016, all along this way, Gobay,as he Shenzhen AR gun manufacturer, has to research the products market prospect and customers experience, so the software and hardware has been under improvement step by step.


    Under the influence of internet,children and adults are playing the new game called The Glory of the King,there are an increasing number of adults who got addicted to this game, an 27-year-old woman who has been playing this game for a long time without stop died due to embolism,which was caused by abnormal coagulation of venous blood. The main causes of thrombosis are blood stasis, vascular wall injury and high blood coagulation,etc. When people playing computer games too long, their physical was in high tension,so may ignore the feeling of body,nor try to relax themselves. When lower limb venous got pressure and away from heart,would cause the blood flow back to the legs, blood stagnation and coagulation, forming thrombus.


    We feel pity for the above case,but meanwhile we have to come up with some solutions which combine entertainment with health. Therefore, Gobay released AR gun, playing games in real world. Make people 360 degree move and shooting enemies,  especially for those girls who want to keep fit, they can play games after meal. Now our AR gun support multi-players, now can also have fun with more friends!

      Of course for those who join us in this career,we would give big support , interesting people gathering together to do meaningful career and meanwhile earn money. Make fat people far away being fat, exercise in game, with the leading of AR gun, become a great person who love games, love exercise,love life , and make life full of sunshine ! 

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