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Regional Agent For AR Gun
Jan 26, 2018

Regional Agent for AR Gun

      Gobay met a great boss who does great in mobile phone accessories field,Mr.Yuan , he wants to be Gobays partner as well and develop AR gun together. Warmly welcome Mr.Yuans participation !


      I gave a series of AR guns to Mr.Yuan to experience, AR space gun has an exciting game-Wolf fighting. When hunter goes to wild forest ,a group of wolves suddenly appear, now hunter need to react rapidly and pull the trigger to kill all the wolves. After tried all the games,Mr.Yuan got more interested in thie AR gun, he thought this gun has a wide market,in toys,electronics,or in educations. Earning money from Child needs innovation,there is a saying that its easy to earn womans money. But now it should be , once product got consumers attention, they will purchase. 


      The number of AR supplier is increasing,like AR globe,AR painting,AR toy gun, with the development of time and technology. Childhood for generation00 and 80,90 is different in a large degree,for 80,90s,we go wild,go to river to go fishing, to play mud and got ourselves all dirty . Now living standard for 00s has improved,their childhood has been replaced by various kinds of classes such as English,piano ,etc... Time for child to relax is less and less,there is a story,when child asked her mom is she could watch TV , her mom said yes you can,but you cant open it. Its funny when childs nature is playing,they are eager to release their talent but every parents want them to be keeping studying.

      AR gun this now toy with new technology,perfectly solved this product,for those children who go to math classes, this gun exercises their reaction speed and comprehension capacity, meanwhile improve their IQ, why not give it a try?   Getting one by calling Augustana:+86 13590436532

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