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Mobile Phone Wireless Charger, The Questions You Need To Understand Are Here
Nov 08, 2018

Mobile phone wireless charger, the questions you need to understand are here

How to use the mobile phone wireless charger?

To use the wireless charger for your mobile phone, you need to purchase a wireless charging dock and a wireless charging backshell.

How to use the wireless charger: Connect the charger to the wireless charging base, then install the wireless battery back cover to the mobile phone, and finally place the mobile phone on the wireless charging base.

The wireless charger refers to a charger that is connected to a terminal device that needs to be charged without a conventional charging power cord. The latest wireless charging technology is adopted, and by using the magnetic field generated between the coils, the magical transmission of electric energy, the inductive coupling technology will Become a bridge connecting charging base stations and devices. The wireless charging system mainly adopts the principle of electromagnetic induction, and energy transfer through the coil realizes energy transfer.

2) Does the wireless charger hurt the phone?

No harm. On the contrary, it can also protect people from electric shock and water and arc extinguishing. The frequency of use is also relatively low. Not harmful to the human body. At the same time, many products are shielded, so the radiation is very small. No harm. Just like this product, a Xinchuang X3 wireless charger.

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