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Mobile Phone Protection Shell Purchase Strategy
Nov 29, 2018

Mobile phone protection shell purchase strategy

   A good phone case is actually the best way to protect your phone. So, how to choose the right phone case?

First, the appearance of the phone case:

When buying a color shell, first check if the color of the color shell is similar to the color of the surface. Simply put, the plastic material used in the white outer casing is preferably white, and the plastic material used in the black outer casing should be black. If the background color is similar to the surface color, even if the surface coating of the color shell is scraped off in the future, it will not become ugly. The specific inspection method first turns the color shell over to see if its inner surface color is the same as the outer surface; secondly, see if the color of the color shell is uniform; once again, see if the printed pattern on the color shell is within the specified range, if the pattern edges are Extending to the inner surface of the color shell, the process of this color shell is not very good, it is best not to consider; in the end, we must remember to check whether the shell body has scratch marks and other issues.

Second, the phone cover button:

If you buy a mobile phone protective case with a key or keyboard, you should pay attention to the quality of the button when purchasing, especially the color shell of other mobile phones, such as 8210 imitation 8250 color shell, 8210 imitation 8310 color shell, more Pay attention to the feel of the buttons. Generally, the keyboard attached to the color shell on the market is divided into a soft plastic keyboard, a plastic keyboard and a soft plastic combination keyboard according to materials. The advantage of the soft plastic keyboard is that it is cheap and does not damage the keyboard contacts of the mobile phone. The disadvantage is that the hand feel is generally soft, and the characters printed on the keyboard are easy to fall off. The advantage of the plastic keyboard is that the simulation degree is high, the hand feel is better, and it is not easy to fade, but the disadvantage is that it is too hard and it is easy to damage the keyboard keyboard contacts. Soft plastic combination keyboard feels good (NOKIA) 8210, 8250 original keyboard belongs to this category), high degree of simulation, not easy to fade, but the price is relatively expensive. When choosing a mobile phone color case with a power button, you should pay attention to whether the power button is easy to use. Some of the quality of the color shell power button design does not meet the specifications, it is easy to cause the inconvenience of the phone switch.


Third, the mobile phone protective cover mirror:

Generally, the mirror surface of the mobile phone protective case that can be found on the market is separated from the main body of the mobile phone protective case, and the two are connected by a double-sided adhesive or a glue bonding method, considering a firm relationship. It is recommended to refer to the following method when purchasing: If the mirror surface and the shell body have a certain curvature (not a plane) and the contact area between the mirror surface and the shell body is small, the glue shell should be used to connect the mirror surface to the shell body. (such as Nokia 8210, 8250, 3310 and other models of mobile phone shell); if the mirror and the shell are flat, and the contact area between the mirror and the shell is large, you should choose to use the double-sided adhesive to connect the mirror color shell (such as Siemens 3568i mobile phone, Samsung) A series mobile phone, Motorola V series mobile phone and other shells).


Fourth, the degree of matching of the mobile phone protective shell:

After attaching the protective case of the mobile phone, you should carefully check whether the protective case of the mobile phone matches the mobile phone. The specific test method is: after installing the shell, first use the eyes to see if the shell is distorted; secondly, press the shell with a softer force. If the sound is more obvious, the mobile phone case and the phone are not very Match, you need to choose another.


5. The hinge part of the mobile phone protective case:

 For flip-type mobile phones such as Ericsson or Samsung, or folding phones of Motorola or Samsung, after changing the protective case of the mobile phone, pay special attention to whether the part of the rotating shaft is too loose or too tight, and whether it should make a sound that should not appear when folding. The shell is too tight and gives a harsh rubbing sound. It is best to compare it with the original shell.

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