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Mobile Metal Shell Things You Don't Know
May 23, 2016

Engineering plastics and metals is currently housing two larger mainstream of cheap plastics, performance is also good, the key is difficult to produce small, so is widely used before; and all metal is Steve's legacy, temperament of the perfectionist plus engineer and CEO stubbornly adhere to the plastic replaced metal in order to make iPhone more perfect in the design.

Steve Jobs's insistence proved to be correct, metal casing for both appearance and in the process brought the mobile phone was a qualitative leap forward. In the solid crust under the protection of now Smartphone can do 7 mm thickness, issues such as paint complete history, the famous "anodized aluminum metal" has become synonymous with high-end machines.

In fact, the metal shell manufacturing process happened to alienation, there has been a "three-stage" false metal. This design is the whole of the fuselage metal, but by the material spliced into three, above and below the plastic material. In order to let the three-section design looks more uniform and manufacturer for the upper and lower ends of the plastic spray paint of the same color with the metal surface.

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