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How To Choose A Healthy Mobile Phone Case
- Mar 15, 2017 -

How To Choose A Healthy Mobile Phone Case


  With the rapid development of science and technology level, beauty of science and technology has come out recently as a new innovative industry. Fashionable brand of IT has been under development along with the diversified market. Due to the increasing types of mobile phone brands and functions,the mobile phone protective cases are divided into leather, silicone, liquid silicone,cloth, plastic, genuine leather, metal, soft plastic, velvet, silk and other categories.

  However,some greedy suppliers started to produce low-quality products which can largely damage users’ health. But with young people getting more careless with their phone,a protective phone case is strongly needed by them . So ,lets find out how to select a high-quality and healthy mobile phone case . 

  Don't choose a color which is too bright,because the colorful case may contain a large number of heavy metal, often contact with the body through the skin, damage to the kidney, liver,

  Don’s choose which has the pungent, will be choking the eyes,so people need to be careful.

Don’s choose which is feeling too soft or hard, this kind of product production is likely to be in the process of residual benzene solvents.


                                                                                                                                                                        Don’t worry,hishell helps to solve your question. It has been committed to high quality mobile phone accessories for over 11 years,with many famous partners all over the world. For example, it uses apple original material to produce liquid silicone case, which has a really good touch feeling and it’s food-level, no harm to people health, and will cool down the phone while you are making phone calls.

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