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Hishell Wireless Charging Pad
- Nov 24, 2017 -

Hishell wireless charging pad

Also available via Apple's online store, the Mophie wireless charger is a nondescript charging pad with a premium price tag. Once again, the relatively steep cost is an investment in the Mophie's 7.5W power supply, which will ostensibly charge your iPhone at a faster rate once Apple rolls out the aforementioned software update.

Although the Mophie charging pad isn't the most aesthetically pleasing device, its utilitarian design—complete with a non-slip charging surface—will look just fine on an office desk next to keyboards, monitors, and cups of coffee.

Like the Belkin charging pad above, the Mophie is recommended for iPhone users hoping to pay upfront for the wireless fast-charging support Apple promised to roll out "later this year."