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Happy New Year ,Hishell Back To Work Today
- Feb 04, 2017 -

  How time flies! The Chinese New Year has passed for almost 1 week, but people seems to be still enjoying the happy atmosphere and brought this happiness to the office ~ 

  Hishell team, as well known that it focuses on mobile phone case for over 11 years ,at the period they have pushed out a new kind of phone case ,aimed at new year, with a cat image on the phone case, very new and fashion.

  As the old saying goes that, we need plan to do new things in the new year ,and make a annual goal to fullfill our lives. So hishell will be committed to mobile phone case as before, and meanwhile try some unique product like AR series, which has already gained wide popularity among the USA-CES Show. Check the website:www.bluetoothARgun.com for more info. 

  With the principle of providing customers new products and interesting ideas, Hishell team will try its best to do a much better work in the new year of 2017,lets wait and see. 

  Some pictures about our new year phone case as following: