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Everything You Wanted To Know About Wireless Charging
Nov 29, 2017

Everything You Wanted to Know About Wireless Charging

   Years after it first appeared, wireless charging has finally arrived on the iPhone—but what is this magical charging method that’s been on other big phones for a couple of years now? And is it really all that superior to just plugging your phone into the wall every night? Here’s what you need to know about wireless…

wireless charger.jpg

    Apple announced wireless charging for the iPhone 8, the iPhone 8 Plus, and the iPhone X today, but it wouldn’t be an Apple product without an expensive new accessory. Unfortunately, we don’t know how expensive the AirPower charging mat will be, but it’s coming next year.

  Wireless charging has struggled for years to gain ground in consumer electronics. For one hot second, it looked like the option would be available in every smartphone, then manufacturers started to bail out, then it started to come back. And now, we have the biggest confirmation yet that Apple is jumping into the…

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