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Ceramic And Molten Metal, Who Will Dominate
May 23, 2016

Technology development of metal machine is also facing out of the crisis, in fact, represented by the ceramic and metal new housing material is emerging. This year will also be an important node, pseudo metal case come to an end, all materials will rise.

Launched from liquid metal to be time, ceramic material will become mainstream for some time in the future, even Apple is considering whether to a ceramic material is introduced to mobile phone. At present, real ceramic material of very few phones on the market, available in high-end models, we can think of from the superphone on 2 generations to find out.

As to the benefits of ceramic body, can be summarized into three points:

1. first, the ceramic material with skin, as materials can bring a better feel of the phone.

2. compared to metal, ceramic high efficiency Wireless charging, Apple selected ceramic Watch abandoned metal is the best proof.

3. ceramic shell will not cover mobile phone signal, metal body signals caused by deficiencies in the ceramic body and will not happen.

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