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Care Phone "heat Stroke"
May 23, 2016

Phone abnormal heat if not processed, will harm the battery and reduce the service life of the battery; other mobile hardware, or even a cell phone explosion, injury and personal; may also cause system, easy to mistakenly dialed the phone, open the application and so on.

How to avoid it? In phone charging Shi, don't long time call, play game; close some not using of large application or game; close phone of automatically download/update application function; selection protection shell Shi, please don't using will on phone thermal caused effect of protection shell; in high temperature State Xia, as don't long time using high energy of application or game; phone if has sent hot, please close using in the of App or film; if phone has hot have heinous, may wish to first shut machine, let temperature recovery to normal again boot using. If this does not resolve the problem, you need to consider is it hardware problem, serviced in a timely manner.

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