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Between TPU And PP Cell Phone Do You A Clear Plastic Protective Case
May 23, 2016

TPU material protective case

Advantages: good protective, anti-fall, feels good, easily accessible, good bounce

Disadvantages: easy to get dirty

Under certain temperature, TPU is able to repeatedly soften or change of plastic materials, referred to as soft plastic. This raw material for cheap, so many manufacturers raw material to do this.

In early of accessories field, TPU material in at almost swept all brand of phone, coverage of wide is unprecedented, at of phone shell are is soft soft of, put phone from Hou Department package to side party around, full of protection makes more of user like this phone shell, however with had this phone shell of consumers are are met had this phenomenon, that is due to sealed sex bad, with has a time zhihou phone shell internal has too more of dirty things stacked. TPU material casing has been slowly fading out of our sight, but there are a few vendors adhere to the listed TPU material casing, this material's cushioning is good, soft and medium difficult to deformation, usability is quite strong, but due to the recycling of waste products in the majority, and most of the pirated, which now markets to tragedy.

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