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Are You Still Using Toxic Cell Phone Case?
- Mar 08, 2017 -

Are You Still Using Toxic Cell Phone Case?

With the rapid development of mobile phone case,now it can not only makes your phone a enjoyable sight as a decoration, but also can protect your phone, be anti-shock, anti-scratch, waterproof ,dust-proof and so on.however,improper usage may damage to people’s health.


1,Many complex styles such as leather flip or all kinds of cartoon characters, need to use the technology like pasting, printing, these color fixation often includes urea formaldehyde resin adhesive, can decompose when temperature is too high.

2, Most of the phone case material is plastic, silicone, and leather, usually to be used in the process of synthesis of formaldehyde, whether or not heated will release  to outside world.

Experts say, plastic is stable and non-toxic at room temperature, but with the increase of temperature, the "benzene", Formaldehyde material becomes free state", will be released into the air, has a certain toxicity.

 Liquid Silicone Soft Rubber Phone Case.jpg

Hishell, a professional mobile phone case manufacturer with over 11 years of experience in the field of mobile phone case, has always been committed to using environmental-friendly materials to produce mobile phone case,never changed. The newly released apple original liquid silicone phone case is a good example,using food-level liquid silicone material, gives people a wonderful touch feeling,like babys skin ,its cool temperature also cools down phone when you are making phone calls and the phone becomes very hot.

 Liquid silicone case with magnet.jpg

Hishell not only pay much attention to the material choice ,but also keep innovating and now has had many famous brands as strategic partners all over the world such as Audi in Spain.Good quality principle will always be paid back with influential brands worldwide, and hishell will be keeping its innovative style in the long river of phone accessories.


Be good to yourself and be good to your customers, use safe products,cooperate with hishell and you wont regret. Contact us now.

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