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Analysis Of Advantages And Disadvantages Each Material Shell
May 23, 2016

We have reason to believe, some equipment manufacturers choose plastic, and after some consideration. Metal materials for the plastic, whether it is processing or machining are comparatively high, especially in mobile phone with the integrated and very high precision electronic device, and metallic paint will also have to take special method of coloring. In addition, the metal fuselages for relatively poor heat dissipation for mobile phones and metal itself has a thermal conductivity properties, users hold in their hands can feel the temperature change.

Although metal can give users a sense of psychologically robust and reliable, but the buffering capacity of the metal is not ideal, if the device falls at a height, a great chance directly caused internal "internal damage". Perhaps the most deadly is a cell phone signal problems, this is why most equipment manufacturers in metallic materials must be used to solve the problem. Metal body prone to electromagnetic shielding to a certain extent, affect the stability of the cell phone signal.

M7,M8 metal back cover, you can see the rear cover by two split into three segments. On top of that line is specially designed to fix the problem, and to balance the metal back cover symmetrical beauty, joined a line at the bottom. Of course, this is not so simple is split, line length, thickness, position, and so on has to be after a lot of careful research and experiments.

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